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The GoatVsFish Podcast is recorded on the Beaches of Venice, at
The World Famous Comedy Store, and Beyond

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Jan 23, 2019

GoatVsFish manifests at Venice Beach where Comedian Goat Eric Alegria is VS Comedian Fish Drew Kraft!!

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Producer: Michael Allen CPA

Aug 15, 2018

Goat Chelsé Greaux VS Fish Stephanie Wain in a Versus of GoatFish conducted by Fence Sitter Victor Martinez Jr. 

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Chelsé Greaux
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Victor Martinez Jr
IG: @victormartinezjr

Stephanie Wain

Jun 6, 2018

Fish Alex Hooper VS Goat Mia Mars! GoatVsFish BRINGS YOU VERSUS! But are these Goat and Fish too Fence Sitterly to truly VS?

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Alex Hooper
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Mia Mars